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Rudi Kershaw

Web & Software Developer, Science Geek, and Research Enthusiast

This is just somewhere for me to jot down my ideas, show off recent work, rant about injustices, make notes on stuff, and just generally ramble about geeky things. Geeky things might range from clever code snippets I've enjoyed, open source libraries I've appreciated, and other such computery things. Or, geeky things could be latest developments in some technology sectors or science genres.

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Defining an Algorithm

The first of a series of posts on interpreting Donald Knuth's famous volumes; The Art of Computer Programming.

There Is No AI Apocalypse

A lot of very smart people seem to believe that AI is going to kill us all if we're not careful. Here's why they're wrong.

A Year & 20 Something Books

A little over a year ago I set myself the goal of reading a book every 2 weeks, and this is what I learned and how it went.

Grokking RSA Encryption

Finally put in the effort to really understand public key encryption in the form of RSA. Hopefully this helps you too.

Anomaly Detection

A machine learning example and explanation of an anomaly detection system for detecting suspicious user activity.