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Rudi Kershaw

Web & Software Developer, Science Geek, and Research Enthusiast

This is just somewhere for me to jot down my ideas, show off recent work, rant about injustices, make notes on stuff, and just generally ramble about geeky things. Geeky things might range from clever code snippets I've enjoyed, open source libraries I've appreciated, and other such computery things. Or, geeky things could be latest developments in some technology sectors or science genres.

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The second of a series of posts on interpreting Donald Knuth's famous volumes; The Art of Computer Programming.

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Is nature at odds with technology? The ramblings of a science enthusiast gone camping.

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The second of a two part series on searching algorithms. This article covers depth and breadth first searches.


Whichpet is a Javascript library for classifying text descriptions into labels. In this case pet descriptions and the type of pets.

The Trouble with Science

Science is how we know what is true and what is not. This article covers the biggest problems that science faces right now.